Financial &
Risk Advisory


"we assure management, the Board, and regulators that financial statements are accurate and operations are done in accordance with applicable policies and regulations". Earlier it was viewed that accounting is meant for proprietor or owner of the business, but changing social relationships diluted the earlier thinking. It is now believed that besides the owner of the management of the business enterprise, users of accounts include the investors, employees, lenders, suppliers,customers, government and other agencies and the public at large. Accounting provides the art of presenting information systematically to the users of accounts. Accounting data is more useful if it stresses economic substance rather than technical form. Information should be free of any biases The users should understand not only the financial results depicted by the accounting figures but also should be able to assess its reliability and compare it with information about alternative opportunities and past experience. The owners or the management of the enterprise, commonly known as internal users, use the accounting information in an analytical manner to take the valuable decisions for the business. So the information served to them is presented in a manner different to the information presented to the external users. Even the small details which can affect the internal working of the business are given in the management report while financial statements presented to the external users contains key information regarding assets, liabilities and capital which are summarised in a logical manner that helps them in their respective decision-making. 


Our Advisory teams apply their deep experience to challenge the status and develop custom strategies that work for you. Our services support you wherever you are in your business cycle — whether you’re looking at a transaction to propel your company forward, focusing on developing and implementing the right controls to mitigate risk, or advancing your company’s finance and technology infrastructure to match your aspirations.

·    New Business
·    Existing Business
·    Buying a Business
·    Partnering
·    Merger
·    Acquisition

building feature

" we care what you do and yet to do, so thus makes sense to get things more clear'. CASCADE HEADWAY will unlock the unlockable to you, The mission of customer service continues to evolve beyond issue resolution. As the driver of a company's main relationship touchpoints with customers, the service organization shapes experiences, drives choices, and reinforces perceptions and beliefs. In doing so, customer service functions transform from being cost centers to being customer retention and profit centers.

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strategy building

We helps organizations and professionals across the globe prioritize their needs, optimize their performance, craft their strategy, attract funding and talent, and achieve meaningful goals using information big-data based analytics and insightful expert-field based reporting.
·       Developing Strategy
·       Modeling Strategy
·       Making Things Happens
·       Transforming Strategy

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Trade Policy

As of your knowledge, the trade policies are quite usual, but the scenarios are changing and the world is trading. Our customer experts will engage you to be on every time but we work on your trade policies and guide as the needs

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Workflow Assessment

An effective workflow is not happening at the initial, it involves the organizational strategy that leads to the organizational goals. Cascade Headway workflow assessment team is to apply all the works that settle to ensure the goal.

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Risk Management 

How often do you reach your goal when you are at risk?. It can occur in every situation of doing things more precisely, the risk is inevitable but we can get things under our control. Regular management and regular reassessment procedure will reach you a better outcome, so thus you can do better. Somehow the employees enjoy the feel-good atmosphere.


Cascade Headway's team of Audit & Assurances will help you not to get audited but to keep awake what you deserve and what you could do better. In this competitive world, we will definitely face issues which may ruin the system. 

Cascade Headway and you jointly with technological changes can find better for sure!

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Forecasting risk is fundamental, but if you toss a coin the probability of getting head is what the risk is. But we can predict the chance when we look forward to the movements of the coin. We can assure that with us the movement we create moments that enhance the future with low risk. Our team dedicated for the service which grows your entity

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The world is moving fast and technology beyond it. In this rapid changing world, our best-in-class governance team will sure your uncertainty with regular guidelines.

·       Third-Party Risk

·       IT Risk

·       Financial Risk Management Risk

·       Social Security Risk 

·       Internal Audit

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