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Private Company

A private limited company is one of the high-status business forms in India. We Cascade Headway helping you to form this entity is limited by shares and by guarantee, and we take care of all legal formalities and another set-off rules prescribing by MCA.

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One Person Company

It is a similar legal entity like a private limited company. You need only one person during the registration process. When you are the single founder and want like a private limited company, this is the best option for you.

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Are you the person having fear of loss and having the inability to manage the business? But if you have the desire to run the business?. Then your ultimate solution is Partnership Business. Partners group own and manage. Grow Grouply!

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Limited Liability Partnership

Management of LLP is defined by the LLP agreement, and partners have the freedom to regulate the affairs. Minimum two persons are required to register an LLP, and there is no restriction on a maximum number of members.

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Sole proprietorship

Success is a great part of the achievement, it is by hard work and by commitment. As always your smile is important to us thus you are not alone. We taking care of the successful entrepreneur's like you.

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We Navigate you to the Successful path of Business World

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With us you to make visible to every bit of your customer's


Persue by precision and by care!

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