Always Passionate About Inspiring Others

Who are we?

We are more than Business Pathfinders. We are more than just Finance Software developers. We are Business Pathfinders here at Cascade Headway. Our sole aim is to find ways to improve your business efficiency and scalability.

We always do our homework.

With the expertise of a dedicated and experienced squad of Chartered Accountants, IT Consultants, Tax Practitioners, etc., we serve as a resource facilitator for many aspects of your enterprise. We have invested countless hours into honing the skills, personnel, and tools necessary to enable the deployment of custom solutions to service all the needs of your growing business while maintaining its integrity and scalability.

We believe in the future of finance.

We specialize in the use and deployment of various ERP resources and ancillary programming that aid to boost your business performance in the long run. Our personnel are well-versed in ERPs such as ZOHO, Odoo, Accu360, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP etc. Not only does that provide your business with a wide range of options, it allows you the freedom to customize the way these ERPs can work for you.

We believe in quality and peak customer serviceability.

Take what you need. Leave behind what you don’t. If you still find it difficult to handle it, our personnel are on standby to take the load off your business by handling it for you. Our squad of experts is driven to provide you with the facilities you need to take your business to the next level. That is why Cascade Headway is the right way.

Authorized Zoho Partner for the Last 4 Years

As a trusted Authorized Zoho Partner for the past four years, specializing in the implementation of Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Workplace, Zoho Finance Plus, Zoho People, and many more . We customize these tools to meet your unique business needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

We provide ongoing support and strategic insights to help your business continuously improve and stay ahead in a competitive market.

                     How do we do this

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is important for any business looking to thrive and expand. We can help you develop one strong enough to uphold your business. 

  • Step 1: Identify the pain points of the organization: We study the business and its workflow so that we can determine the points where the workflow has the highest chance for breakdowns and inefficiencies.
  • Step 2: Implement workflow: We take time to redesign the business workflow to eliminate these weak points. In doing so, we reduce weak points, breakdowns, and inefficiencies to a minimum.
  • Step 3: Proof of Concept (POC): We set up a walkthrough of the entire system to demonstrate how the newly implemented workflow has positively impacted your business process. This will illustrate the implementation of the entire redesign including the integration of third-party plugins and applications as requested upon initial engagement.
  • Step 4: Get it up and running: The redesigned workflow is implemented, in its entirety, into the business. We then provide training to your existing staff so they can learn to operate the newly implemented ERP in their day-to-day activities within the enterprise. During this transition period, we can provide temporary manpower to run the new ERP system while your staff is being trained. 
  •  Step 5: Routine follow-up and advisory: Our team will be on standby to ensure the system’s implementation runs smoothly. We shall provide constant monitoring for breakdowns and inefficiencies. Our advisory team will also be available to aid with business decisions regarding scaling up your business and modifying your implemented ERP design and workflow.

          All of this is included as a package in the initial implementation charge.

By your side. Every step of the way.

We aspire to build a lasting bond with our clients. One that lasts beyond just software deployment and implementation. We want to be with you every step of the way from initial inquiry, implementation, financial reporting, and audit through to investments and substantial growth. That is precisely what our resources enable us to do and promote.

Our multifaceted staff is here to service every one of your needs that are conveniently categorized into Digital Transformation, Audit and Assurance, Advisory, and Business Process Outsourcing. Tell us what you need and we will cater to them wholeheartedly. That is how we help you head the right way with Cascade Headway