Auditing & Assurance 

As the digital landscape and market requirements continue to evolve, the need for accurate and reliable reporting has become increasingly important. Auditing and Assurance will remain a central pillar in the world of finance, but it has grown and diversified over time to keep up with demands. Cascade Headway is well-equipped to meet these needs as a trusted audit and assurance services partner. It can be difficult to approach the right audit professional who is well-versed and equipped to handle this large variety of audits and assurances simultaneously.

Well equipped to meet your needs

One individual auditor may not possess such an array of experience. Our team of highly experienced professionals, combined with advanced tools, allows us to deliver services that you can rely on. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your satisfaction with the services we provide

IT Audit

An IT audit can help determine whether your IT system is vulnerable to attacks, data leaks, or significant errors. This type of audit helps in determining whether the availability of systems, the security component, and confidentiality of the information within the system is sufficient, and if the system functions accurately, reliably, and in a timely manner

Financial Audit

A financial audit can confirm whether a company’s financials represent a true and fair view of the company’s current position. Financial audits also ensure that a company’s statements are in line with relevant accounting standards.

Social Environment Audit

Social Environment Audit helps companies to determine whether measurable goals and benchmarks are being met. A social audit serves as a way to measure the impact of a company’s actions and relates that information to the company’s overall public image

Waste Management Audit

A waste management audit is designed to inform on what works and doesn’t work with reference to your current waste and recycling management program. It can detect breakdowns, draw attention to wasteful issues, as well as confirm points of success. This enables your business to make necessary adjustments to improve operational efficiency.

Assurance Certification

Assurance checks the accuracy of various financial reports. Assurance is conducted in order to assure the stakeholders that misrepresentation has not occurred in the financial records and that no fraudulent activities have been done in a company or by the company